When the animated series 'Arcane' (masterminded by Riot Games, creators of 'League Of Legends') appeared on Netflix in late 2021 it created a huge public following and critical acclaim. The series was nominated for several awards including the coveted Emmys 2022. To remind the voting public, leading up the awards in September, Riot commissioned a series of activations that would appear in Los Angeles.
I again worked closely with 'We Are Collider' London on concept visuals that took inspiration from the Arcane storyline and Steampunk styling. Below are three very early concept designs for the 'Hexscopes', Town Clock and Magazine Stand, before they went into development and final production. The clock itself was engineered to switch schizophrenically every hour from the above ground Piltovan version, to the subterranean Zaun alter-ego.
At the end there are photos of the actual installations in all their glory.
Huge thanks to the team at 'We Are Collider' London.
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