Great to meet you - I'm London and Somerset-based Creative Director Andy Morton.
When I first started in advertising, a world famous brummie adman took me to one side and said, “Andy, if you learn nothing else from working with me here, remember to say one thing, and say it well”. He also said “I’m going into space one day to be a starman”, but that’s another story. Since then I have believed that all brand experiences are built around big, well-crafted, simple ideas that emotionally inspire our customers and get them wanting more.
I have over thirty years' experience across national and international, b2b, b2c, fmcg and retail brands. In that time I have had the good fortune to work with some very clever people; planners, semioticians, account teams, producers, writers and clients that have made the adventure all the more lush and creatively tropical. I work with clients and creative agencies in London, right across the south of England and remotely for agencies in Sweden and Germany.
It’s true. I am a brave and innovative Senior Creative, but I also wear a black and white client-side hat. After all, if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative. Right?
On a personal level, I am a dynamic, professional and enthusiastic leader - friendly, approachable, and always ready to roll up my sleeves. I also have a wide collection of thought-provoking shirts, and occasionally wear a kilt (in my family tartan of course) with cherry red doc martins.
Now then. Let’s pop the kettle on and do some great work together.
Best wishes, Andy
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